We all know Stumble Guys has been the center of attention among gamers in the past time. It is because of the smooth and easy controls it offers. But there is still a boost in the game waiting for you. Indeed, the use of a gamepad will help you to master the art of stumbling. Ultimately, you will be leveled up with the best use of a controller. 

This feature is like giving you wings that help you to fly through obstacles and to reach at finishing line. You can make the moves super fast and show quick reflexes. In this way, you can go beyond the limit. In your gaming journey, it is a magic weapon to differentiate you from your opponents. 

Getting anxious to know the super trick for uplifting your favorite Android game? Calm down! Because we have got your back. Here, we are going together through the process. But before you need to know, there are two options to play the game. One is the touch option, where you simply touch the screen with thumbs. It makes all the moments like jumping and running.

Another is everyone’s favorite is using a gamepad controller to play Stumble Guys. Let’s start with the basics. Smartly look at the controls of the gamepad, like sticks, buttons, and triggers. Memorize them so it help you while performing levels. 

What about the meeting between your device and the gamepad? Yes, to use the gamepad, first synchronize via the game settings. Don’t panic! Pairing up is very easy. After coupling the mobile and controller,

  • Go to the game and open the settings. 
  • Here, look at the “Control Device” option.
  • Simply touch the arrow, and the gamepad will be activated.
  • That’s it; you are ready to roll.

If you want to elevate your game with a gamepad then be careful in choosing your controller. Here are the best controllers you can use to become first in Stumble Guys.

Gamepad / Game Controller

Another name for the Gamepad is “Game Controller,” which is the best choice for playing Stumble Guys. For me, it is the best option to perform precise actions. Personally, this is the most used controller ever to play mobile games.

Xbox Controller

If you want real comfort and control while playing Stumble Guys Xbox Controller is the best option. The way it is designed can give you the gameplay of hours without tiredness.

PlayStation Controller

PlayStation Controller is another popular option to get unlimited. It is making a great fit for Stumble Guys. Its perfect design will prove a gem in your gaming journey.

Using a gamepad is like you have already won the game. First, let us know what differences it is making from touch gameplay. 

  • Precise Moves
  • Smooth Gameplay
  • Easy Button Access
  • Comfortable Play
  • Quick Reactions
  • Personalized Controls
  • Winning Advantage
  • Flexible for All Games
  • Loads of Fun

Do I need to adjust the game settings for a Gamepad?

Obviously, go to the game settings and simply turn on the “Control Device” option.

Which controller is best for beginners?

You can better play when there is a gamepad in your hand. It can make your moves smooth.

Can I play the game with a wireless gamepad?

Yes, you can play, but for this, you need to turn on the Bluetooth from the mobile setting. This will pare both devices. 

Can I switch between the gamepad and touch controls while playing?

Stumble Guys gives you the power of smooth flexibility where you can switch between the gamepad and touch controls. 

How to Perform Jumps in Stumble Guys Using a Controller?

Simply press the jump button from the controller and your character will perform a smooth jump. Wait for the right moment, then press that jump button to pass all hurdles.

Throughout the article, we made it clear that playing the game with the Gamepad adds smart control and comfort. You can make easy jumps and slides and run more quickly with it. All the obstacles will become minor when you have a controller in your hands. So why wait? Grab your Gamepad like an Xbox, game controller, or Playstation, and make history. Happy playing, champ!

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