Every Game out there has got its own form of multiple in-game currencies. And Stumble Guys is no exception, either. It has its currency in the form of Gems and Stumble Tokens. Gems are like money in the game. You can get them easily and use them to buy Lucky Spins and Stumble passes. While the game is free, gems provide access to content that improves your experience. 

Here are some ways to obtain these valuable gems.

Watch Videos for Extra Gems

When you finish playing a game in online mode, you will get a chance to watch a quick video and get more gems. This is an easy way to collect gems as you play, and the game is set up this way on purpose.

Daily Login Rewards

If you keep playing the game every day, you can gather gems as a reward for logging in daily. This needs you to be consistent, but you’ll get free gems regularly with little work.

Watch Ads

You can watch a few ads in Stumble Guys daily and get gems in return. Even though it might feel like doing the same thing repeatedly, it’s a good way to slowly get gems without using your money.

Social Media Promotions

Keep an eye on Stumble Guy’s official accounts on Facebook and Twitter. The game occasionally hosts promotional campaigns, giveaways, and contests that offer free gems. These exclusive codes can be redeemed for gems, expanding your collection.

Special Events and Tournaments

Participating in special events and tournaments can lead to extra gems. These events often introduce unique challenges and objectives, providing an additional opportunity to earn gems while enjoying the game.

Use Specific Apps

There are also some third-party apps through which you can earn the Stumble Guys Gems. These include the following apps.

  • Quiz: As the name suggests, there are general knowledge-related questions that you have to solve and answer. The correct answer will get you unlimited money.
  • Cashizine: In this app, you get to read articles, and in exchange, you get points, which translates to gems in Stumble Guys.

There are other apps besides these two, e.g., Cash Pirate, Google Opinion Rewards, and Dreame.

Using Mod APK

The easiest way to get unlimited gems is to install the latest version of Stumble Guys Mod APK. It will give you all the premium perks from the start of the game. These modded features include unlimited gems and money.

Is there any code to get 1000 gems in Stumble Guys?

For the year 2024 following codes are applicable.

  • RaxoR
  • Sparx
  • Yes

Is it safe to get free gems?

Yes, there is no risk in getting free gems. It just makes your game easy to play.

To sum up, you can get free gems in Stumble Guys by following different real ways. You can watch videos, participate in events, link your social media accounts, and win tournaments. There are many ways to earn gems without paying. Some might need more time and work, but they let you improve your gameplay and enjoy special features.

Download: Stumble Guys Mod APK v0.53.1 (Unlimited Money and Gems)

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