Stumble Guys is a great multiplayer Battle Royale game, that provides players with a competitive gameplay experience. But this competitive experience can easily be replaced by frustration due to ping and lag issues. The following guide will assist you in resolving this problem and improving your Stumble Guys experience.

We must understand what ping is before solving the ping and lag issues. Ping indicates the time the data signals take to travel from your device to an online server and back. It is usually measured in milliseconds (ms). The lower the ping value, the better the gaming experience it will provide.

Ping and Lag issues are by far the most common issues faced by players in multiplayer games. It causes players to lose even the almost-won matches. That’s why other multiplayer games like PUBG and Minecraft demand a stable internet connection.

Whenever the internet’s connection is unstable, Ping increases, and the game starts to lag. Lag is a noticeable delay between your actions and the server’s reaction. This is the Delay that players hate the most and causes them to lose the matches. So, we have devised the following solutions to fix ping and lag issues in Stumble Guys.

A wired internet connection will always result in a faster and more stable internet connection. A wired internet connection will always have less ping than Cellular data. If you’re using a Wi-Fi modem, be sure to place it where it is within clear reach of your playing device.

If you think there is nothing wrong with your internet connection, you should try adjusting your in-game settings as follows.

  • Try Lowering the game resolution by 50% if your device’s processor is weak.
  • You should also disable the Shadows. It will help in more frames per second (FPS).
  • Player Names can also be turned off from the settings to increase FPS further.

You should try choosing the server that is nearest to your location. It will result in lower ping due to less time taken by the data signals to travel from your device to the server.

There are a few more pointers and recommendations for you to follow to enhance your gaming experience further. 

  • Try closing all the background applications as they result in the drainage of internet resources.
  • If you are facing frequent signal loss, you should restart your network and try connecting with it again.
  • You should delete all the junk files from your device that have their toll on the device resources like RAM.
  • You can also clear the cache of the Stumble Guys on your phone by navigating to Settings > Apps > Stumble Guys > Storage > Clear Cache.
  • Sometimes, all you need to solve the ping issue is to restart your game. It helps your phone to utilize the network resources better.
  • You should Pause/stop any uploading and downloading tasks on your device while playing the game.

The above solutions and recommendations, paired with the ingame settings adjustments, will surely make the gaming experience for you way smoother. It will help you enjoy this competitive and  multiplayer game to your fullest

Why does the glitch occur in Stumble Guys?

It is maybe because of the poor internet connection or low server quality.

Why does the Stumble Guys disconnected problem occur?

It is an online multiplayer game, so you need active internet to avoid disconnection problems.

You just go through a complete guide to fixing ping and lag issues. For a more smoother game, try to use a good internet connection, adjust in-game settings, and play on a nearby server. Just be very updated to the current situations while playing Stumble Guys.

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