Most multiplayer games like Stumble Guys now offer a Battle Royale pass with cool rewards like Skins and special abilities. It boosts your gameplay and shows your skill to others. Lots of people want the battle royale pass to make their game more fun and unique.

Like all other games, the Stumble Guys is not an exception either. It also offers a version of Battle Royale Pass to increase the gameplay experience. The Battle Pass in Stumble Universe is called a “Stumble Pass.”

Features of Stumble Pass

Stumble Pass allows you to earn many special rewards by completing the missions or earning XP.

Some of the exclusive rewards include:

  • You can get special skins in the stumble pass rewards.
  • Rewards also include items like Emotes for your characters.
  • Sometimes, footsteps are also awarded through stumble pass.
  • You also earn Gems and tokens through Stumble Pass.

There are two types of Stumble Passes in the game. Both have different rewards.

Free Stumble Pass

Meet the Free Pass, not as fancy as the “Premium Stumble Pass.” You get fewer rewards here, different from the fancy one. The free pass awards are rare. It is for those who like simpler things in the game and need the gems to buy a Premium Pass. To get the Free pass, you need to select it when you start the game.

Premium Stumble Pass

This is the pass that most of the Stumbel Guys players would like to have in their pockets. The rewards of this pass make the players look more competitive. It rewards way more than the free pass. As a comparison, at the end of each season, you will earn 150 Gems with the free pass, but on the contrary, you will be earning 400 Gems with a Premium Pass.

That is the reason why Every player should have a premium pass. So let’s put aside everything and learn how to get a Premium Stumble Pass For Free.

In many games, the currency needed for purchasing the premium battle pass is exclusively available and cannot be earned. But that is not the case with Stumble Guys. 

You can purchase the premium Stumble Guys for 1200 Gems. And we all know that Gems can be earned in Stumble Guys without paying. So, the feat of getting a Stumble Pass For Free is achievable.

Below is a guide to earning Gems in Stumble Guys for Free.

  • Install the older version 0.29 of Stumble Guys.
  • Watch 10 ads to gather a total of 80 gems.
  • Each ad gives you 8 gems.
  • Uninstall the old version and get the latest from Google Play.
  • Load the game and find your earned gems in the gems section.
  • They’ll stay put even after updating.
  • Repeat this process for more gems. 

Is Stumble Premium Pass permanent?

No, Stumble Pass is not permanent. It is valid only for a month. After that, it automatically expires, and you must buy a new Pass.

Did Stumble Guys cost money?

No, Stumble Guys do not cost money. You can earn the gems without paying anything, but you can also buy them if you want to progress faster.

Enjoy the Battle Royal pass or Stumble Pass in your favorite multiplayer game, i.e., Stumble Guys. You can have it by earning free gems and enjoying unlimited premium rewards. Watch videos and get the latest version from playstore to enjoy the free Stumble Pass.

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