Stumble Guys is a popular multiplayer game praised for its uncommon and enjoyable gameplay. In this vibrant journey, players race through ridiculous obstacle courses to be the last ones standing. The game itself is a distinctive mix of chaos, competition, and humor that has won the hearts of gamers all over the world. 

But here’s the catch and an often-asked question: Are there bots hiding in the Stumble Guys arena? So, let’s investigate this fascinating question and uncover the truth behind the conspiracy stories.

Understanding Bots in Multiplayer Games

In the universe of multiplayer games, ‘bots’ refer to computer-controlled characters or entities that mimic human players alongside them. These bots are programmed to perform specific roles and functions to make the gaming experience for the players more enjoyable.

Filler Players: 

Bots can be used to populate game lobbies when there are not enough real players to start a match. This ensures that players can enjoy the game even during low-traffic times.

Team Balancing: 

Bots can be used to balance teams in team-based multiplayer games. For example, if one team has fewer players, bots can fill the gap to ensure fair competition.

Do Bots Exist in Stumble Guys and how to avoid them?

The presence of bots in Stumble Guys has been a topic of curiosity and discussion among players. While the game primarily focuses on real-time multiplayer competition, some players have reported experiences that led them to speculate about the inclusion of bots. 

Some players have noticed that certain opponents exhibit consistent and repetitive gameplay patterns, such as following the same routes or making similar mistakes. This has raised suspicions that these players might be bots. There are also similar naming patterns of usernames in every matchup of 32 players. 

Avoiding Bots 

To minimize the likelihood of encountering bots in your Stumble Guys matches, you should consider playing during peak daytime hours. At this time, the game attracts a higher number of real players. When you play in the daytime, the matchmaking system is more likely to pair you with genuine human competitors, reducing the chances of encountering bots. 

So, if you prefer human opponents over bots, timing your gameplay to coincide with peak activity periods can enhance your Stumble Guys experience. 


As far as the comments of the gaming community of Stumble Guys are concerned, it is very clear that there are bots playing in Stumble Guys alongside the original humans. And Bots playing alongside the original players is inevitable, considering the traffic at non-peak hours in the Stumble Guys. 

So, to avoid playing with bots, you must start playing the game at peak hours. This will make Stumble Guys more competitive and enjoyable and this could ultimately lead to improving your gameplay. So, chill out and let the developers of Stumble Guys have this issue until they have a solution or an official answer to the bots playing alongside human players.

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