Stumble Guys is a famous multiplayer game that lets players race each other in a battle-royale-like arena in a vibrant universe. Thirty-two players enter the arena at once and compete in a race in a comical world that is filled with countless obstacles working on the physics engine. Stumble Guys offers countless options through which players can customize their stumble characters. 

For instance, you can get costumes and skins and look completely unique and stumbly than others. Like many other multiplayer games, Stumble Guys also offers its players emotes to flex in front of other players, and one of the most famous and in-demand emotes is the punch emote. Today, we are going to go through how to get Punch Emote in Stumble Guys.

In Stumble Guys, emotes are a fun and expressive way to communicate with other players without using words. These emotes allow your character to express various emotions and reactions to poise your prowess over other players.

Emotes add a playful and social element to the Stumble Guys experience. You can use them to cheer on teammates, taunt opponents, or just goof around with fellow players. They are an essential part of the game’s charm, bringing humor and personality to your character as they stumble, race, and dash through chaotic obstacles.

To access and use emotes, you usually need to unlock them through in-game progression or by completing specific challenges. Once you have acquired emotes, you can trigger them during a match, adding an extra interaction layer to the gameplay. Below is a guide to unlock the Punch emote in Stumble Guys

The punch emote is one of 4 special emotes that have been added to Stumble Guys with the recent update. The special emotes are given below:

  • Punch emote
  • Heart emote
  • Kick emote
  • Banana emote

To unlock the Punch Emote along with other special emotes, you need to follow the below guide.

  • Purchase the Stumble Pass: Buy it from the in-game store or pass section.
  • Complete Levels: Play and finish levels in the Stumble Pass to earn stars or rewards.
  • Reach the Punch Emote Tier: Keep earning stars and monitor your progress bar. Once you reach the required tier, you’ll unlock the Punch Emote.
  • Equip and Enjoy: Access your character customization options, equip the Punch Emote, and use it during matches for added fun and competitiveness. Note that availability may vary by season or event.

The punch emote is one of the most popular emotes in Stumble Guys. It can be used to taunt opponents, cheer on teammates, or just goof around with fellow players. To unlock the punch emote, you need to purchase the Stumble Pass and complete a certain number of levels. Once you have unlocked the punch emote, you can equip it in your character customization options and use it during matches.

The punch emote is a great way to add a little extra personality to your Stumble Guys experience. It can also be used to strategic advantage, such as knocking opponents off course by distracting them. So, if you want to stand out from the crowd, the punch emote is a great option.

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