Players of the popular game “Stumble Guys” have got a lot to cheer about. The game has got a huge fan base and a top spot in app downloads last year. Now the game has officially been announced for the Xbox. Hopefully, it will be announced for the PlayStation, too. 

Stumble Guys has created hype by announcing its arrival on Xbox. A date has not been confirmed yet. But the Stumbles Guys website says, “BE THE FIRST TO PLAY ON CONSOLE, PRE-REGISTER TODAY!”. So, we know that the game is coming to the Xbox. With Xbox, we can hope that it will soon be confirmed for the PlayStation too.

Jamie Berger, who works on the game, said fans really wanted “Stumble Guys” on consoles. The game did well on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store, so now it’s going to be on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, and PS5. People are really excited about it!

Challenges for Players

The introduction of Stumble Guys on Xbox brings both excitement and challenges. While the game has been free on the web, phones, and PCs, Xbox Play requires Xbox Live Gold or Xbox Game Pass because it is an online game. And, Online games cannot be played without these paid services.

In the world of gaming, cross-platform matches can sometimes feel a bit one-sided. Cross-platform means that a mobile phone gamer will have to match against an Xbox gamer, As a mobile player, I have noticed how the smaller screens and controls put me at a disadvantage. On the other hand, Xbox players enjoy this fulfilling experience with their larger screens and precise controls. This definitely gives them an edge over mobile phone gamers.

Developers must address these challenges for fair gameplay. As Stumble Guys expands, ensuring equality across platforms is very crucial. The community awaits solutions that balance fun and competitiveness. Everyone wants a solution that will make the Xbox release an opportunity for an overall fair gaming experience.

Benefits of Pre-Registration

Pre-registered gamers have got a special treat for them. They will be scoring two free emotes and the golden boxer character Karat Krusher. The game’s arrival on consoles might not be far off, although an exact date remains a mystery. Its creators, Scopely, are working tirelessly to make the transition smooth and exciting for players.

Stumble Guys’ Expanding Community

Similar to “Fall Guys,” “Stumble Guys” offers thrilling obstacle courses. Unlike its console counterpart, this game supports up to 32 players in one stage. You need to race through beautiful and adventurous challenges and original levels. Although, there are some levels that are inspired by Fall Guys. The stars of the show are the Stumblers, who are diverse and cartoony characters.

Owing to the above gameplay experience, tens of millions of players worldwide enjoy this game every day. Stumble Guys community is ever expanding on TikTok, YouTube, Discord, and more, with over 45 billion-plus engagements.


The journey of Stumble Guys continues, bringing its delightful universe to Xbox. With such a strong community and thrilling gameplay, it is no wonder that fans are eagerly waiting to stumble on their Xbox consoles. 

That was all regarding the Stumble Guys’ announcement for Xbox. We will be following this news and get this post updated with the latest news from Stumble Guys.

Get: Download Stumble Guys iOS v0.54.2 for iPhone/ iPad or Mac

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