Stumble Guys is an engaging multiplayer game. It allows 32 players to compete with each other in a race filled with obstacles in a battle royale-like situation. It has taken the world by storm with features like playing with friends and family. It enables you to display your gaming skills to others.

Such games automatically demand the creation of a clan in which you can invite competitive players according to your own merit. These clans help improve the gameplay experience in many ways. You can meet with new professional players from around the players with a clan. It can provide a competitive environment for players. This automatically translates to better performance on your end.

This Post is about helping you with “How to make a clan in Stumble Guys.”

Steps for Making a Clan in Stumble Guys

Unlike many multiplayer games, Stumble Guys does not provide a built-in feature to make a clan. But we have got you covered on it to create a clan in this game.

With Stumble Guys not providing a clan option, we have to use a third party for making a clan. Players mostly use Discord for this purpose. You can use a discord server as a Clan alternative here.

Here’s how you can do it by yourself.

  • Download Discord on your mobile device from Apple Appstore or Google Playstore, depending on your OS environment.
  • Installing the app, you should now sign in or create an account in the Discord App.
  • Then, after signing in to your account, click the “+” icon on the server column to initiate server creation. The server is a clan in Discord world.
  • Discord will ask which type of server you want. You should choose “Create my own” because you will invite your friends or family members to your clan.
  • Then, choose a catchy or relevant name for your Stumble Guys clan.
  • Choose a server region for optimal performance of your Stumble Guys Clan.
  • Then, choose a simple server layout matching the theme of your imagination or Stumble Guys.

This is all you had to do to make a Stumble Guys Clan.

Inviting your friends to your Clan 

After creating your Stumble Clan, Invite your friends and other players to your clan. It is very simple, just like the creation of a clan. All you have to do is copy the invitation link from your server and send it to whomever you want to invite to the clan. The person you are sending the invitation link to must be a Discord user.  

You can also make your friends join your clan if you know their usernames. Just enter their usernames, and they will get an invite to join your discord server.

How to think of Stumble Guys Clan Name

Thinking of a Stumble Guys can be hard for some. So, we have written a few new Stumble Guys Clan names to help you. You can choose a name for your clan from below.

  • Fall Friends
  • Tilt Tribe
  • Oops Crew
  • Stumble Buds
  • Roll Squad
  • Bobble Group
  • Clumsy Gang
  • Slip Clan
  • Wobble Team
  • Tip Crew
  • Trip Pals
  • Fumble Unit
  • Jolt Clan
  • Tumble Posse
  • Oopsies Club
  • Slide Squad
  • Stagger Crew
  • Topple Troop
  • Flub Friends
  • Sway Posse

How to join a Clan in Stumble Guys

What if you want to join a clan? And not create one yourself. Well, it’s very simple. All you have to do is ask the clan admin to send you an invitation link or your username so they can add you themselves.

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