Stumble Guys is an obstacle-filled action game that captures the hearts of gamers worldwide. It is an incredible game where your bean-shaped character stumbles through various hurdles to make it to the finish line. Winning every match in the game might sound tricky, but with some free tricks and strategies, it is totally doable. 

In this article, we will show you the basics and some cool tips to help you become a Stumble Guys champion. All of this will be free of any cheat codes and purely organic with some strategic techniques.

Master the Basics

To become a Stumble Guys pro, you need to start with the basics. These are the simple things you must know, like the character’s movement, understanding the game’s controls, and facing all the hurdles. Below, I have break these things into steps.

Moving Your Character

  • Use the joystick on your screen to make your character move.
  • Push it forward to go ahead and pull it backward to stop or go backward.


  • When you need to hop over something, tap the Jump button.
  • This helps you avoid obstacles like walls or holes in the ground.


  • The Dive button lets you dive forward.
  • Dive to reach the finish line faster or avoid getting knocked over by obstacles.


  • Sometimes, you can grab other players by tapping the “Grab” button.
  • Use this to slow them down or push them around.

Now, I am sharing the top tips and tricks to win every match in Stumble Guys without any special effort.

Mastering the Stumble Guys Camera

To win all matches, you need to discover how to control your view in the game. It is recommended to use your thumb to swipe the view on the screen.

Navigate the Stumble Guys World

This is a tricky thing to know the crazy maps; I highly recommend you memorize all of them so next time you visit the same place, it will help you to jump hurdles easily. 

Spotting Special Emote Players

Sometimes, you will see other players in Stumble Guys who can do cool tricks or moves you have not seen before. Be careful when you come across these players because their special moves might make it harder for you to win.

Gamepad Gaming

If you have a gamepad, like a controller you use for other games, you can play Stumble Guys. It can make the game even more fun and comfortable to play, and you will surely win.

Gem Gathering with Ads

You can get more shiny gems in the game by simply watching short advertisements. It will help in stacking up gems in no time, resulting in the ultimate win.

Some additional methods,

  • Get Speedy – Double-Tap to Slide
  • Persistence vs. Patience
  • Boosting Your Way with Obstacles
  • Character Abilities Awareness:
  • Timing Your Jumps Right


I tried my best to compile all the effective strategies for you in one place, now it is your intelligence and gaming that will take you to the heights of success in Stumble Guys. I must recommend you apply at least 3 of these tricks for sure to win. Happy playing!

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